An Overall Goal
Republican forces in our government seem determined to turn the country into a theocracy.  Opposing this are those like myself who prefer movement toward a Jefferson-Jackson Nation.  One goal of this campaign is to convince the democratic party and then the nation to return the values of the JJ Nation which include the reduction of tax loopholes, the spending of public money only after it is collected, and the tighter control of monopolies.
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Fair Capitalism for All
Spend only what we have--don't sell out our children's future
The tax code is a hodgepodge of loopholes designed to fatten the pockets of the wealthy at the expense of tax-payers.  Congress, a part of this wealthy group, then has the government borrow money to fill the financial hole they themselves created.  I propose that we remove all these loopholes.  Stop the funneling of the people's money into the hands of some.  At the same time, stop noncollateralized borrowing , national debt expansion, and eventual destabilization of our economy.
Protect the Baath Party to enable a secularized government in Iraq
Empower the Baath Party, hijacked by Hussein and thought of as Sunnis, with training and arms to setup a secularized government.  Bush's plan is to empower the Shiites to setup a theocracy just like he is trying to setup one in America.  We need to setup a constitution that excludes religious rhetoric and all of its old prejudices.  In  1947, the Baath Party was founded as a secular Arab political party and seems to now be the best choice for a secular government in Iraq.
Provide 2nd Class Healthcare for Everyone
Give all citizens basic treatment and health maintenance through US clinics that at least provide tests for diseases, medical advice, check-ups, and MRIs.  MRI machines would be like owning a road, but patients would walk out with a DVD.  Clinics would have no doctors but they can provide training for workers. 
Bill                   Bolton             President
Platform:  Major Points
Change All Drug Offenses to Misdemeanors
Our current drug policy perpetually creates more prisons, fills them with poor people who have committed victimless, non-violent offenses, and violates the eighth amendment with excessive punishment.  Furthermore, drug laws are so draconian that parents are hesitant to contact authorities and ask for help for their addicted children.  This system equates smoking a joint to assault and battery.  By making all drug-related crimes into misdemeanors, we can save billions of tax dollars and make a significant stride toward free, less authoritarian society. 
Support Bill Bolton for President and he will stop illegal immigration, enable a secularized Iraq, provide 2nd class healthcare for Americans, make drug crimes misdemeanors, and remove tax loopholes.  A JJ Democrat.
Build an industrial reservation in Mexico to curb immigration
Like electrons drawn to a positive charge, Mexicans naturally gravitate toward the U.S. because Mexico is an improvised country with an even higher wealth stratification than our country.  The only way to keep them from coming over here is to make Mexico more attractive by providing greater economic opportunity.  An industrial reservation near the U.S. border, owned by the Mexican government and controlled by the U.S. government, can take in illegal captives, give  them a place to live and work, and be a first step toward technological and economic improvements.
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Bill Bolton supports president Obama in his campaign for re-election. With some constructive criticism.