Editor: Editor's Introduction
10 / 12 / 07

Hi Everybody,

The time has come to start up our newsletter for Bill Bolton's latest campaign. This time he is running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination and his new website is BillBoltonPresident.org .

He has pages of ideas that are in want of any and all feedback. Check them out at our Platform Page and feel free to post on any of the message boards.

We look forward to hearing from you,
-- Editor@BillBoltonPresident.org

Bill Bolton: Bill Bolton's Introduction
10 / 12 /07

Hello Everyone,

To listen to the news, it would seem the time is drawing to a close for a new party candidate to make a foray into the democratic race. However, due to the speedy networking ability of the internet, it is not only possible, but realistic.

I'd like to start off in this opening campaign update by saying that I am a proud member of NOW (The National Organization of Women) and use them as a source of information and intelligent debate. A trend I've noticed lately is that women are more often being forced by the courts to pay child support. This, along with other social trends, put women more often into rolls traditionally associated with men and therefore make NOW an even more useful and credible group to discuss ideas with.

That's all for now,
As always, thanks for your support,
-- Bill@BillBoltonPresident.org

Bill Bolton: An article about an unlikely possible ally.
10 / 02 / 07

Rohrabacher, R-rep, respects Secularism

I watched US Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher's speech last night, 10-02-2007, on C-Span and it was great. The most important statement was his views about respecting secularism, something Newt Gingrich did not do, but instead trapped himself further into the GOD-Nation direction.

Rohrabacher also bashed Bill Clinton for his indirect stealing of papers from a library. However, he obviously did not understand that the corruption of the Justice department by the Republicans stood in the way of an investigation of Bill Clinton. Also, maybe he did not understand that Bill and GW are brothers.

Overall and in spite of being a Republican, he would make a great US Vice President.

-- Bill@BillBoltonPresident.org