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Bill Bolton's campaign is starting to move forward. Here's two new articles that we hope you'll enjoy--one about Atlanta's water crisis and one about Colbert's convention-busting foray into politics.

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Bill Bolton:
Water: Socialism or Capitalism?
10 / 25 / 07

The fact that all government agencies report to the president helps drive people to blame everything on him, including the water crisis.

This is the Big Brother mentality, giving in to the natural desire to want to be taken care of by a higher political authority. Let big government and big GOD be responsible, just look to the top and blame or believe. Socialism at its best.

What is needed is capitalism. Meaning the price of water needs to be drastically increased and the excess profits used to build more reservoirs. In the Atlanta area, where I live, the situation is so drastic that the price of water should be increased four fold. This may seem burdensome to lower income citizens, but it is the job of other government agencies to assist these people.

Last week I, just as a citizen, went before the Marietta City Council and indicated they needed to increase the price of water. You too can go before elected officials and voice your opinion. Everyone can attend county commissioner meetings. If you live in a city you can also go to the city councils and get a 5 minute slot.

-- Bill@BillBoltonPresident.org

Will Bolton:
Colbert vs Totalitarianism
10 / 26 / 07

Last Tuesday , 8/16/07, Steven Colbert announced he would be running for both a Republican and a Democratic Presidential Nomination in the South Carolina primary.

Is it a joke? To me it's not, regardless of his intentions. Let's draw a circle around what we know as politics, step outside of it, and try to put this historic occasion into perspective.

For reference, here is a definition from thefreedictionary.com

Totalitarian --
Of, relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed.

Let me rattle off a quick list of reasons why I believe America is headed toward totalitarianism. For the remainder of this article, let's pretend I'm correct.

1) Only one political party -- Both political parties, lobbyists, and big business combine to form a single political authority. They put on a play we lap up as politics, but the arguing is pointless. Elections give the illusion of choice, but in reality the same themes emerge during every administration. Some of these themes are the following:

2) Systematic stupidification and distracting of the American people -- People no longer have the mental capacity to care about individual rights, but are subordinate to the political authority. Test scores drop and they lower benchmarks. The lethargy of watching movies and television has replaced the thoughtfulness of reading religious texts, novels, and newspapers as the main trend of relaxing entertainment. Through cell phones, billboards, mp3 players, computers, televisions, radios, etc., people are bombarded with 10 times the useless information they were 100 or 200 years ago.

3) Mass imprisonment of the working class -- Absolute control, maintained by the political authority, includes physical control. At 2.25 million physical prisoners, America has the largest prison population in the world. There are 8 million people either incarcerated, on probation, or on parole. That means that about one out of every 38 people is a prisoner of the government. If you eliminate a third as either children or the elderly and then eliminate half of what's left as women, that means that about 1 out of every 12 or 13 functional adult males is a prisoner of the government.

4) No rights to anonymity or privacy -- The political authority, being superior to the individual, can collect whatever information deemed necessary to protect its superiority. The Patriot Act, along with prior laws, sets up a nation in which the government now has the rights to secretly break into your home or business without warrant, tap your phone, view your library records, view your e-mail, and track you via RFID or GPS chips in products you buy and eventually through implanted medical chips.

5) Constant State of War -- America is still the most important and one of the largest cultures in the world. The biggest impact of the Iraq War has nothing to do with oil or terrorists or Iraqis. The biggest cultural impact is the terrorizing of the American people by the political authority. Fear equals power. With a policy strait out of Orwell's 1984, the political authority cannot be toppled when the people are in a perpetual state of fear and submission. The media is now vigilantly trying to get everyone whipped up into a nationalistic panic in preparation for a war with Iran.

To expand on point number two, the point about distraction and stupidification, any media that is not talking about this cultural shift toward totalitarianism isn't neutral, but is pushing this shift by distracting people from its existence. If a media entity isn't talking about it, they're supporting it. Paris Hilton, rap music, Larry Craig, OJ Simpson, gay marriage, flag burning, conservatism, liberalism--it's all just meaningless nonsense. It's not a conspiracy, but an evolution born out of capitalism and corporatism and involving CEOs, marketers, financiers, politicians, lobbyists, courts, and everything else.

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are so important because they are two of the only mainstream media entities that seem to communicate from a standpoint of being aware that something is gravely wrong with our country. They are the two most important of the very few anti-totalitarian media entities. Other political analysts argue as if there are two opposing political parties when there is really only one. As pointless as their debating always turns out to be, it seems they would have to have some awareness of the fact that their arguments are just calculated showmanship meant to distract and confuse rather than inform. It's tragically ironic that America's main two fake news sources are the only truthful news analysis.

Colbert is popular enough to make as big of a political splash in South Carolina as he wishes. He could even become the egalitarian messiah perceptive people have been waiting for to save us from fascism. He could also help open the door to other outside-of-the-box candidates like Bill Bolton. The more things are stirred up, the more they can get stirred up.

-- will41981@yahoo.com