---- Platform, p. 1 ----;
Remove all loopholes stopping rich thieves*;
Pay local churches for law, computers, teen-time*;
Allow no taxation for gifts to poor*;
Encourage responsible abortions;
Teach life skills and law in HS;
2nd class socialized medicine;
Expand public rail;
Control our borders;
No privatized prisons;
Prepay prison sentences;
Protect unionizing;
---- Platform, p. 2 ----;
Protect the environment with tariffs;
Provide computers for handicapped;
Legislate different types of marriages;
Provide free mass medical tests;
Reform Elections;
Build an industrial reservation in Mexico;
Protect Iraq Baath Party;
Change All Drug Offenses to Misdemeanors;
Spend only what we have;
Stop making US a Theocracy;
Cease the Global War on Drugs;
Remove all Diebold Voting Machines;
Make church/faith based laws generic;
Stop Hopeless Prison Sentences;
---- Platform, p. 3 ----;
Try protecting jobs with tariffs;
Allow charitable deductions;
Allow interest deductions;
Provide light YDCs;
Collateralize debts;
---- Platform, p. 4 ----;
Control monopolistic interests;
Assist candidates;
Allow prisoners to vote;
Evaluate prosecutors;
Educate prisoners;
Limit capital punishment;
Reform Social Security;
Reform tax code;
Increase minimum wage;
Change Iraq war mission;
Replace rifle policy;
Legalize responsibility marriages;
Distribute taxes only after collection;
Replace Tax Deductions with Deflected Incomes;
Separate Child's Taxation from Parent's;
Seperate Church from State;
Mental Health Vouchers;
Environmental Tariffs;
Overhaul Eyewitness Identification Procedures;

(rev. Sept 23, 2007);
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