Who am I?
My name is Bill Bolton, and I want to be your President.

I'm a three time Georgia Tech graduate with degrees in Mechanics, Sanitation, and Civil Engeneering. I also have background in computer programming and business management.  I've ran for Mayor of Marietta, GA. I've also ran in the gubernatorial primary in the state of Georgia.

I'm a Democrat running on a Libertarian platform. Some of my goals in office would be helping the middle, and lower class by eliminating tax loopholes the ultra rich 1% of the population use to take money from the working class. I would also make a 2nd class universal health care system for citizens that can't afford the high prices of today's medical industry. Also, we need to secure our borders. The illegal immigrant population has grown into numbers to high to estimate. We need to take control of our borders back, for our economy, and more importantly, for our safety.

Hope to see you at the polls.

Thank You,
Bill Bolton
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